Andy Goldner – Belleville …

Andy Goldner Belleville … – Peak – pea 3480 Germany 1981 White Lion In A Babylon Very dope, soulful Reggae nugget made in Kirchheim/Teck, Southern Germany. Smoky beats, nice organ grinds, decent guitar riffs and catchy vocals. Repeat, repeat and loop it … the regular […]

Charly Kingson ‎– Dance to the music

Charly Kingson ‎ Dance To The Music – CK 001 Germany Jazz Welle Plus Hamburg To make the three in a row with all the Charly Kingson releases complete, we have here the album DANCE TO THE MUSIC. If I got that right it’s complete privately […]

Charly Kingson ‎– Born In Africa

Charly Kingson ‎ Born In Africa – Fleet ‎– 26 165 XOT Netherlands 1978 Manyaka If you ask me today I would say MANYAKA (118 BPM) is my absolutely favorite tune. Incredible baselines, dope Synthesizer grooves, the decent operation of the „The Munich Strings“ and […]

Charly Kingson ‎– Born In Africa (Remix 1982)

Charly Kingson ‎ Born In Africa (Remix 1982) – Ariola ‎– 600.608 Germany 1982 Born In Africa (Remix 1982) Slightly edited 12″ Maxi-Single version of BORN IN AFRICA remixed by percussionist, Eddie Conard. Tidy and dance floor friendly. With 117 BPM little faster but also […]

Ikwezi ‎– Ikwezi

Ikwezi Ikwezi – Biton ‎– BIT 2122 Germany 1981 All That I Desire Far-out 110 BPM Afro-Disco-Funk recorded at Bitone Studios Frankfurt/M. Germany. Ikwezi IKWEZI was founded by former MOMBASA 2 bassist Donald „DON“ Ridgeway. Awesome album, Afrobeat and great Funk & Soul but what […]

Mombasa – ‎African Rhythms & Blues

Mombasa ‎ African Rhythms & Blues – Spiegelei ‎– 26 564-5 U Germany 1975 Nairobi The non-circular grooving soulful Jazz tune NAIROBI is my favorite on this first MOMBASA album. If you also had the chance to ride with the notorious “Lunatic Express” from Nairobi […]

Mombasa – Mombasa 2 (African Rhythms & Blues)

Mombasa Mombasa 2 (African Rhythms & Blues) – Spiegelei ‎– INT 160.049 Germany 1976 African Hustle Groovy Afro-Jazz vocal tune with a interesting brocken beat, my all-time favorite tune on this album. Mombasa 2 The second and also essential LP of the formation MOMBASA around […]

Stephan Sulke – Stephan Sulke 2

Stephan Sulke Stephan Sulke 2 – Intercord ‎– INT 160.072 Germany 1977 He du da He du da Was machst denn du da He du da Was machst denn du da Wieso hat der son reichen Olln Wieso kann der in so ner Kiste rumrolln […]

Karl Ratzer ‎– A fool for your sake

Karl Ratzer A fool for your sake – GiG Records – GIG 222 103 Austria 1981 Gone too long Catchy and pure grooving soulful Blues track with vocals, guitar work outs and a touch of 80’s synths. B-Funk Early 80’s album by Karl Ratzer the […]

Orchester Fred Rabold ‎– Eine lustige Ballonfahrt

Orchester Fred Rabold ‎ Eine Lustige Ballonfahrt – Fred Rabold Musikproduktion ‎– FR 2300 Germany Hard Top Groovy high spirits instrumental Soul tune with absorbing tempo-breaks and horn steps. The only thing you could missing is the deep whistling voice of Barry White. Funny and […]

Impuls ‎– C’est La Vie

Impuls C’est La Vie – Impuls ‎– Impuls 1 Germany 1982 U-Bahn-Impressionen Great local and private released New Wave stuff recorded at Nowhereland Studio, Neu-Isenburg (near Frankfurt). My absolute favorite tunes are U-BAHN-IMPRESSIONEN or the dope and funny Reggae tune RASTERFAHNDUNG. Tracklist A1 Waiting for […]

Fuchs-Goos-Band ‎– Chameleon 2

Fuchs-Goos-Band ‎ Chameleon 2 – Software Music ‎– sowa 105 Germany 1981 Jazz-Zyklus 1 Another superb and seldom seen Jazz record on the lovely, local and familiar working SOFTWARE label. German drummer Joachim Fuchs-Charrier and Jazz guitarist Werner Goos are the headliners of this formation. […]