Elektro-Dschungel ‎– Kebab und andere Träume


Kebab und andere Träume

Stadtjugendring Wiesbaden

Kebabträume & Liebe Gabi

KEBAB TRÄUME is an exotic grooving and very soulful cover version of this New Wave classic and it is blended together perfectly with LIEBE GABI, the next tune and the other very important cover version on the outstanding Elektro-Dschungel album.

LIEBE GABI – Derdiyoklar (1981)

KEBAB TRÄUME ‎– D.A.F. (Deutsche Amerikanische Freundschaft) 1982, produced by Conny Plank

Dschungel-Music made in Wiesbaden

KEBAB UND ANDERE TRÄUME is an extremely great album produced by musician and social worker Winfried Nacke with the students of the Wiesbadener Jugendwerkstatt. Turkish, German, Iranian, Polish, Moroccan … multinational young people with different cultural backgrounds making music together, playing live shows and releasing this wonderful record as physical result of this multicultural youth work project.

The music is also very diverse. A kind of New Wave, a lot of Turkish Pop and Oriental-Rock, Funk & Soul, Hip-Hop but also Disco in a very exotic way. For the serious mixing Club-DJ could be EMINEM a useful track. Sophisticated exotic dance music, the experimental side of Disco with relaxed 113 BPM.

Another big favorite of mine is ORIENTAL POP, but to be honest I have to say I love the whole album. Great cross-cultural music that sometimes sounds a little fragile or less-than-perfect what gives it the special charm and differentiates it from the glossy commercial Ethno Pop Genre. When you are listen the record from start to finish you can really feel the good vibe of this project and Wiesbaden in the late 80s.

For sure a very mysterious album, privately and only locally released by the Stadtjugendring Wiesbaden. Really not easy to get and the price has been growing in the last years … higher and higher when it rarely pops up somewhere for sale.


A1 Elle Rond, Elle Bon Et Blonde 5:00
A2 Kebabträume 4:08
A3 Liebe Gabi 4:52
A4 Oriental Pop 4:28

B1 Eminem 5:40
B2 Al-Hoceima 4:00
B3 Gurbet Kuşu 4:02
B4 Alhoria 3:20
B5 Şekeroğlan Oyun Havasi 2:36


Alto Saxophone – Alex Hedij
Baglama [Saz] – Ali Derdiyoklar
Bass – Michael Schwarz
Drums, Percussion – Andy Doré, Yusuf Cira
Guitar – Daniel Theobold
Mixed by – Alexander Hof
Percussion – Detlef Rieger
Percussion, Baglama [Saz] – Ali Rıza Ağören
Sounds [Bird Sounds] – Eric Schwabenland
Synthesizer – Daniel Ringhofer
Tenor Saxophone, Flute – Winfried Nacke
Trumpet – George Lohse
Vocals – Simone Hof
Vocals, Chorus – Angelika Grundig, Nicole Bach
Vocals, Percussion – Temel Azakli
Vocals, Percussion, Guitar – Mohammed Hidaa


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Kebab und andere Träume

Stadtjugendring Wiesbaden